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Pamela Toki

Educational Specialist

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Pam Stefl Toki has over 30 years of public school teaching experience with diverse populations of special needs students, in a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

Throughout her years as a teacher, Pam participated in multiple hours of staff development with research-based programs including: Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars (spelling), Visualizing and Verbalizing (comprehension) and the Writing Institute at Columbia University’s Teacher College.

To develop her focus and expand her knowledge in her work with children, Pam decided to pursue the Educational Therapy program through Holy Names University, Oakland, California in 2021. By including this lens to view learning, she has incorporated a broader educational experience into her practice with children.


Currently, her goal is to have primary grade children learn through programs customized to his/her/their needs in writing. She has a solid background in specific programs to support basic sentence structure, physical handwriting, and expanded writing in genres: Narrative, Opinion and Non-fictional writing.


Pam’s passion is that of bringing students to a place of empowerment in their writing.  Her philosophy encompasses a complete acceptance of where the child is currently in this process, and facilitating his/her/their growth in this area.


She has a great interest in creating goals that are appropriate for children, and bringing each child to a place of enjoying writing, rather than resisting writing, which can land in “writing paralysis” or, in a potential downward slope of low sense of self and poor school experience. She teaches tools to meet the challenges that students face in this process.


Pam has a consistent history of valuing trusted relationships with the children she works with and their families.  Her intention is to champion the child in his/her/their journey, with joy in this process!

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