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Rita Fisher

Educational Therapist, Math Specialist 


Rita Fisher has 18 years of classroom teaching experience as a special education teacher.  She has helped students with reading comprehension, writing, math and executive functioning skills.


Here passion is helping students develop conceptual understanding of mathematics. She has taken 200 hours of Making Math Real and other math trainings including the UC Davis Math Project. She utilizes research based and multi sensory structured content methodologies for teaching. Rita wrote her Masters thesis on how to develop mathematical understanding of word problems, and the impact on student performance for students with special learning needs. In her desire to further understand how students learn and find the best therapeutic practices, Rita decided to pursue her Educational Therapy Certificate through Holy Names University.


Rita applies research based teaching strategies to stimulate students' interest, establish short-term/long-term goals and share progress with each individual student regularly. She aims to create trusting relationships with families and help their child get the best education and support needed. Rita’s passion for math is evident in how she works with each and every child.

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