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Meet Our Team of Educational Therapists and

Executive Function Specialists!
Building confidence in students of all age ranges and skill levels


Deepa Gosal


Owner & Educational Therapist, M.A., ET/P, C-SLCT

Deepa has over 15 years of experience in Education and is trained in various multi sensory techniques for students of all age ranges. She specializes in reading, writing and building executive function skills. She has worked with various organizations and schools across the bay area, providing professional development for both teachers and support for families. 


Jane Taylor


Educational Specialist

Jane Taylor is an educational specialist. She provides support across grade levels and subject areas. She has over 17 years of experience.


Rita Fisher


Educational Therapist

Rita Fisher has over 18 years of experience in education. She  specializes in multisensory math curriculums, as well as reading comprehension and building executive function skills.

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Pamela Toki


Educational Therapist

Pamela Toki is an Educational Therapist who specializes in writing and reading development for early and upper elementary aged children. 


Sarah Ann Hawkey


 Dyslexia Specialist

Sarah Ann Hawkey is an educator and Orton-Gilligham coach. She specializes in providing reading and writing support for students, and designs and trains teachers in virtual lesson planning. 

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Maiya Coilton


Executive Function Coach

Maiya Coilton is an educator and has a background in Speech Language Pathology. She specializes in working with elementary through high school children, specifically in reading/writing development and executive function skills. 

Arla Samuels


Educational Therapist

Arla Samuels is an Educational Therapist who specializes in reading and math for early and upper elementary aged children. 

Christopher Grove


Executive Function Coach & Educational Specialist

Christopher brings enthusiasm and an understanding of social-emotional learning when working with his students. He has worked with kids across subjects and grade levels.

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Courtney Pazin


Executive Function & Writing Coach

Courtney Pazin is an Executive Function and Writing Coach who works with students from middle school through college. Her specialty is building emotional intelligence around academics.

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TeLing Chen


Educational Therapist

TeLing Chen is an Educational Therapist who specializes in reading and math for K-High School students.


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