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Learning Tree Coach has helped many students throughout Walnut Creek and the broader East Bay with learning differences to develop strategies through educational therapy and executive function coaching.

"Great experience and appreciate the targeted focus on strengthening skills in identified areas of growth! Very much looking forward to next year & continuing to improve/ grow in targeted areas of development.." 

Parent, Bentley High (Lafayette, CA)

"We love Arla! She is patient and kind and keeps our son engaged." 

Parent, Walnut Heights Elementary (Walnut Creek, CA)

Our son is now in love with reading!! THANK YOU!! Last night, he read to me for 15-20 minutes, which he never wanted to do before." 

(Concord, CA)

Pam helped our son tremendously with his writing. He not only learned how to structure paragraphs, but his critical thinking skills improved, as well. We are so happy to have found her and have recommended her to numerous friends.


Parent, Walnut Heights Elementary (Walnut Creek, CA)

"I can only say that I think the best review is evidenced by [my daughter's] grades this year...fantastic. As well as her reviews/comments from her teachers; they continue to be glowing, and most importantly [my daughter] enjoys working with Deepa. We thank you endlessly for your help thus far this year."

Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School (San Francisco, CA)



"Each session is great, so helpful, and she is so nice, and she knows JUST what to do."

Student, Katherine Delmar Burke School (San Francisco, CA)

"I'm not quite sure how Deepa works her magic.  Her resourceful and creative engagement with my bright and squirrelly son verges on miraculous.  She goes out of her way to engage him, from researching books he likes to help him understand character development to becoming expert in the nuances of his various interests.  She weaves skill building seamlessly into their time together, whether she is coaching executive functions or building on his ability to express himself through writing, presentations or supporting school assigned work.  She brings her experience, kindness and insight to engaging the whole child with compassion, humor and grace.  Since working with Deepa, I have noticed an increase in organizational thinking and that has shown up in academic and non-academic settings. He feels less intimidated by school assignments.  We are grateful to Deepa for her positive, encouraging voice in our son's world.  Her skillful guidance has helped him gain confidence and the ability to express himself and his capabilities with more ease and skill."

Parent, Stuart Hall (San Francisco, CA)

“Deepa is a game changer. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and kind! She is so patient with my child and really sees him. We are very happy with her expertise and approach."

Parent, Happy Valley Elementary (Lafayette, CA)

“Deepa has been very professional and organized. My daughter has absolutely loved working with her. She has encouraged, guided and motivated my daughter, which boosted her confidence in writing. Deepa breaks down concepts in a patient manner. It has renewed her interest in learning and helped her get an A in English."

Parent, (Dublin, CA)

"Deepa has been so helpful with my boys. She has a razor sharp eye for my children's unique academic needs, not wasting any time getting to work on teaching skills to help close their academic gaps. Deepa's warm presence allowed my kids to feel really comfortable taking risks in what they are aware is hard for them. One of my children said it best, 'Mom, Mrs. Deepa is helpful, really helpful.' I'm so grateful to have found an academic resource that both my children AND I value!"

Parent, Walnut Heights Elementary (Walnut Creek, CA)

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