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Specialized Educational Therapy Services For Your Child's Needs

We assess, plan and develop goal areas for your child, as well as work with other professionals to create a learning plan tailored to your child's needs. 

Academic Coaching

Building foundational skills and providing academic support

Dyslexia Curriculum (Orton Gillingham)


Comprehension & Fluency 

Writing & Handwriting

Math Remediation

(Making Math Real, Woodin Math)

Application Support for Essays (Private Schools/College)

Executive Function & ADHD Coaching

 Building on cognitive processes to help students achieve their goals

Learning Strategies

Goal Setting


Time Management/Task Initiation

Critical Thinking

Organizational Skills 

Self Advocacy 

Parent Coaching

Helping families navigate schools and testing

Assisting Families thorough the IEP Process

We offer guidance around assessments

Providing referrals for additional resources

Professional Development

Providing community outreach events

Partnering with schools and offering professional development

Community workshops around neurodivergence 

Parent workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 

Costs and number of sessions are dependent on need and a student's individual profile. We do offer a sliding scale for families who can show financial need. 

What age ranges do you work with?

We have experience working with children of all ages, from K-College.

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