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Helping Students Grow To Their Full Academic Potential
We assess, plan and develop goal areas for your child, as well as work with other professionals to create a learning plan tailored to your child's needs. 

Individualized services for students in Walnut Creek, Alamo, San Ramon, Lafayette and throughout the Bay Area, as well as virtual sessions!
Academic Coaching 
Helping Students with Learning Challenges
Our educational therapists help address needs for students diagnosed with Executive Function Challenges, Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia and other learning differences.

We provide research driven support. Support is systematic, explicit and sequential while using multi-sensory curriculums and techniques such as Orton-Gillingham. 

Image by Amanda Jones
Executive Function Coaching 
Building Executive Function Skills

We help students develop skills such as: time management skills, study skills, organizational skills and critical thinking skills. 

Our Executive Function Coaches focus on confidence building and social and emotional growth. 


"My daughter's grades this year are fantastic and her reviews/comments from her teachers continue to be glowing"

—  Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

San Francisco, CA


Connect with our team for a free consultation where we can make an individualized plan based upon your child's strengths and needs, to help them succeed! 

We provide educational therapy and executive function coaching throughout the East Bay including Walnut Creek, Alamo, San Ramon and Lafayette.  We also offer virtual sessions! 

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