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Blanca Kramer

Educational Therapist 


Blanca holds a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Special Education from Cal State East Bay, and a post graduate certificate in Educational Therapy from Holy Names University. 

Driven by her firsthand experience as a parent homeschooling two children with ADHD and Dyslexia, Blanca was propelled towards a career in educational therapy. Her certification equipped her not only to address her children's educational needs but also to extend her support to to her students.


She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham method and has extensive experience remediating students with language based learning disabilities in reading, spelling, and writing. She is well steeped in the implementation of multisensory approaches which enhances her students' learning experiences. Additionally, she brings over a decade dedicated to the field of behavioral intervention for students on the autism spectrum. 

Blanca brings a vibrant passion and playful creativity into her sessions as she advocates for gamified learning, recognizing its universal efficacy. She fosters profound connections with her students, emphasizing holistic education to nurture their confidence, motivation, and self esteem through the cultivation of a growth mindset.

During her leisure hours, Blanca enjoys reading aloud to her children, spending time in nature, hiking and relaxing on the beach. 

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