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Drew Lau-Regent

Educational Therapist & College Advisor  

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Drew Lau-Regent worked with low-income, first generation urban high school students for over ten years. She implemented writing workshops, presentation skills development, time management, living away from home transitioning, self-advocating workshops, budgeting one’s money, life skills, while instilling self awareness during her one-on-one sessions. She believed that knowing how to navigate life beyond high school was important. 


Drew received her Master’s and Certificate in Educational Therapy from Holy Names University. She also has a Certificate in College Advising and Career Planning from UC Berkeley Extension and a Bachelor’s in Biophysics / Medical Physics Option from UC Berkeley.


Her approach focuses on guiding her clients on how to be a better professional, how to manage young adult responsibilities while away from home, and navigating life in general by providing techniques for surviving through transitions. She guides their executive function skills into daily positive habits. Her clients matter and Drew taps into their strengths so they are bringing their best forward, as best they can.

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